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We personalize our childrens' storybooks because it makes them more inviting to read and because it makes the story’s lessons more meaningful and lasting.

Personalization helps a story communicate and teach valuable life lessons to a child by adding context, meaning, familiarity and relevance to the story, and in turn to its lessons.  It helps to broaden, deepen and enrich a child’s imagination in ways that help apply a story’s lessons to their own life.  And when personalization puts the people, objects and events a child knows into the story, the child relates much more strongly with the story’s life lessons.  In sum, we personalize our storybooks for children because it makes them more inviting to read and because it makes the lessons in the story more meaningful and helpful.

KeenOwl customers have found that sharing a personalized story with a child creates a rich opportunity to share a family experience.  Sharing a family story of courage, perseverance or generosity, for example, can foster a child’s adoption of their family’s values and traditions.

KeenOwl believes childrens' storybooks should delight, capture the imagination and instruct.  Our children’s storybooks use personalization to do just that.

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