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KeenOwl is proud of the many kind things people have said about our storybooks and about the effect they have had on children.  We’d love to hear from you, too.  We invite you for share your comments using this form or in an email to Feedback@KeenOwl.com.

“As parents, teachers, and caregivers, we want to help children develop the necessary skills to face life’s challenges with grace and strength. KeenOwl Books, through its attractive storybooks, creative personalization approach, and story guides, offers great tools, something parents and others can use to teach core values that contribute to healthy character development.”
   Dr. Robin E. Connors, a Pittsburgh-based mental health consultant and former child therapist (USA)

"WOW!!! What a great product! My son loved this book so much he sleeps with it under his pillow! He loved the story especially since it included him. The illustrations were appealing to both young and old"
  An anonymous but very real mom. An iParenting Evaluator. (USA)

"What a great idea! I loved the interaction questions that encouraged me to talk to my child about the moral of the book. My child loved the book, but I loved it because it created discussion about good values"
  An anonymous but very real mom. An iParenting Evaluator. (USA)

"Our 4 year old boys LOVED this book. They requested it be read over and over. I thought that the material the book was made of was great too. We were even able to read this story together in the bathroom without fear of it being too fragile. As a mom of three small children - you know that books are often read in the bathroom."
  An anonymous but very real mom. An iParenting Evaluator. (USA)

“We teachers need more stories like these in our classrooms.”
  Constance M., Wichita, KS (USA)

“Books like these make a mother feel she is doing the best for her kids. I love them!”
  Andrea M, Basking Ridge, NJ (USA)

“Your stories make great gifts for our grandchildren.  I cannot wait to read one to them.”
  Gina. K, San Francisco, CA (USA)

“My kids loved the colorful illustrations and went nuts when they saw their names in print.”
  Dan G., Brooklyn, NY (USA)

“Great classic stories, and the kids loved personalizing them with me.”
  Kevin S., Tampa, FL (USA)

“Thank you for making it easy to pick out meaningful gifts for my niece and nephew.”
  Angela M., Berkeley, CA (USA)

“The messages in the story are wonderful.  My kids love it!”
  Susan. C., Middletown, NJ (USA)

“Your gift certificates make really meaningful birthday gifts.”
  Kimberly. G, New York, NY (USA)

“It’s about time someone came out with some positive stories to counter the messages our kids our being bombarded with.”
  Eugene. M, San Diego, CA (USA)

"My kids loved the colorful illustrations and just went nuts when they saw their name, and their friends’ names in print. They have already read their stories several times.”
  Anamika. G, San Jose, CA (USA)

“I bought one for my son and now my daughter wants her own book, too!”
  Stephen. G, Seattle, WA (USA)

“Love your eco-friendly approach and the charity mission.  I’ll definitely spread the word.”
  Sophie. L, San Fransico, CA (USA)

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