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These Puzzles, Mazes and Activity Coloring Sheets are yours to download, print and use at your convenience.
We welcome your suggestions for improvements or new ideas/tools/activities. Please contact us using this form or email us at Feedback@KeenOwl.com.

At KeenOwl, we want you to get the most out of the life lesson stories you get for your child and encourage you to consider reviewing these Grown-Up Story Guides.

Designed by child psychologists, these story guides offer tips and techniques to help ensure that your child absorbs the essence of the key life lessons from the story, and finds the lessons relevant in the context of her or his daily life.  In addition, the guides offer suggested answers to questions (some hilarious) that children reading these stories have asked.

We'd love to hear questions your child asked when reading a KeenOwl storybook.  If you’re willing to share, please contact us using this form, or email us at Feedback@KeenOwl.com.

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Little Spiders First Web - Grown Up Story Guide
Hare and the Tortoise - Grown Up Story Guide
You Can Do It, Little Engine - Grown Up Story Guide
Ant and the Grasshopper - Grown Up Story Guide
Bear with the Heart of Gold - Grown Up Story Guide
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